10 Essential Microsoft Excel 2010 Tips for Beginners


I think this article is useful for beginners, intermediate and even advanced.  I transcribe original  in English

If words like “grids,” “cells,” “data,” and “formula” crawl under your skin like a bad case of the heebie-jeebies, chances are you’ve been a victim of Microsoft Excel. A bad experience with Excel can haunt you the same way the smell of a certain alcohol turns your stomach years after the last time you overindulged.

Microsoft Excel, one of the foundational programs in Microsoft Office, is a wickedly powerful program—”wicked” in that it can do dozens upon dozens of time-saving stunts that most people, unfortunately, never learn. What’s more, when you do learn a new trick in Excel, you can forget it within days if you don’t practice it. It’s a matter of use-it-or-lose-it. The ten essential tips and tricks in this article are here to stay; you might want to bookmark this page so you can refer back to the instructions and helpful screenshots for a day when you’re skills get rusty.

While beginners can appreciate the ten tips we’ve put together here for you, intermediate and advanced users may also discover something new, too. Some examples of what’s covered in this list of tips are: how to customize Excel’s default workbook, how to toggle between results and the formula that create them, and how to alphabetize or sort (i.e., “filter”) a spreadsheet based on a single column’s data. If those tips sound too rudimentary for you, see the end of this article for links to other tips for intermediate and advanced Excel users. You can either read our tips in the slideshow below or page through them in the Table of Contents



By Jill Duffy, Edward Mendelson



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