Windows Forms for Small Basic v2 (Old thread)





                              gungan37 – (IndyDev Software)

Hello guys! I have spent the past couple of days writing a new extension for Small Basic. Here is a screenshot of a program made with it:


  • The extension adds the following Windows Forms controls to Small Basic (** means that no other extension supports the control):

– Button

– RadioButton

– CheckBox

– ** Chart **

– Label

– ** LinkLabel **

– **NumericUpDown**

– **DateTimePicker**

– **MonthCalendar**

– ProgressBar

– TrackBar

– **RichTextBox**

– PictureBox

– **MaskedTextBox***

– **NotificationIcon***

– **ComboBox**

– **TreeView**

– **ListView**

Plus, it is 100% event driven! It is super easy to use! Just call WindowsFormsForSmallBasic.Setup() before you start and WindowsFormsForSmallBasic.InitializeForm() when all the controls are placed— this shows the form and hands off control to it. You may not modify the controls after this or write any more code outside of the event handlers. However, your event handlers can preform these operations.

Here is a sample (outdated, for v1): HMD046

And download link for the extension (outdated, for v1):

Please ask any questions you make have and suggestions / bug reports are welcome too! I expect to add some more controls to the extension soon!



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